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"Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change"

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Hello lovelies, here i am with my new giveaway as i promised on my new year post. Don’t forget to read all the rules carefully. The Beauty Giveaway is Open Internationally, anyone can join! I will pay the shipping fee. There will be only 1 winner and will recieve:

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Please read and follow the rules. The last day to enter will be 30 March 2014 at 12AM (GMT+8)The winner will be chosen randomly via random.org Good Luck!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Annyeong Haseyo Chingus!~

As all of you know, WINNERph just launched few moments/days ago starting from our facebook fan page and taking over twitter to different SNS! As we still get a little attention from SNS people, We’re here to take a step to build more audience and followers! So to do that, we’re happy to do a mini kpop album giveaway!

Want to start your new year right with great music to listen to?! Exostans and BANAs, have you grabbed a copy of your idol’s new album?

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1st place: Album of his/her choice (EXO’s “miracles in december” or B1A4’s 4th mini album!)

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(we will add more prizes soon depending on how many will join!)

please strictly follow the rules! and goodluck!

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WINNERph team

guys please Vote/keep voting EXO for MTV EMA on twitter! by adding hashtag to end of your tweets #EMAzing EXO

yes, #EMAzing EXO (with space between)

do not add photos to your tweet or anything after the hashtag!


this isn’t even about an OTP anymore. you think it’s funny writing, “xiumin pls die”? none of the exo members should get these kind of messages or blogs. when you troll, you don’t even troll about these kinds of things. what if it was your friend/family member who have gotten these messages?

ugly-xiumin might be a troll or xiuhan/xiumin hater, just like xiuhan-isreal on tumblr. it’s sick he/she could just be messing with everyone and pretend to be a hunhan fan trying to mess with the fandom in general. that happens because I said this about xiuhan-isreal.

how would you feel if a blog wrote that about another member? this isn’t a game asking a member to die. whoever did this might think it’s funny but writing about another exo/human being to die is simply WRONG.

whoever wrote “XIUMIN PLS DIE” on your blog, don’t you see what is wrong with this message? you are actually asking for a REGULAR HUMAN BEING to die? over what an imaginary ship? hunhan/xiuhan/kaisoo/baekyeol/taoris/taohun/all the other ships none of them are truly REAL. no one is dating each other etc.

for ANY fan to THINK/WRITE/BELIEVE/HOPING for another exo member to DIE over another ship is RIDICULOUS. 

I don’t even know what happened until I checked xiuhan-isreal because you know what I BLOCKED her. she left an obvious troll message tagged to baekyeol/hunhan shippers. I had to go into her blog to see what she wrote because I BLOCKED HER, just like many other fans should be doing when TROLLS write that.

why can’t some fans read her username, “xiuhan-isreal” and look at his/her username and see she’s a troll? which real fan of ANY otp would put their otp in their username and go around dissing other ships? It’s like no one who did something wrong will put it’s THEM on the foreheads.

Why can’t a few baekyeol shippers who got annoyed at her post, try to take a step back and think “oh hey she’s obviously a troll. lemme click on the IGNORE button” and block her? first the troll (xiuhan-isreal I presume?) was in hunhan’s tags ok. then she dragged baekyeol and kaisoo along? why can’t a few fans CLICK ON THE IGNORE BUTTON and take a step back and think logically?

just like hunhanisfukking who has been writing a lot about xiuhan/xiumin we try to ignore as well. some trolls like to see the fandom fight, it’s human nature. so click on IGNORE button.

a lot of xiuhan/hunhan/baekyeol/kaisoo/ETC trolls will continue popping up, most likely with so called “otp-isreal” in their username. why can’t we just try to use common sense and either ignore them and scroll along or just click on the “IGNORE BUTTON” for once?

yes, xiuhan-isreal or OTHER troll blogs will continue in the future. when this happens, PLEASE CLICK ON THE IGNORE BUTTON and move right along. IGNORE and if a new TROLL blog pops up, IGNORE that one as well.

it only takes  A FEW SECONDS to ignore a blog. it’s simple and will cause less problems in the future. so CLICK IGNORE and go on with your own otp and business.

this bitch should die, as in NOW!

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if i’m louder.. would you see me?? ;)

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ang dahilan kung bakita ngakalecheleche college life ko hahah.. ginagawa ko sa comlab tuwing klase ay mag save sa drafts ng mga picture ni niall xD .. 

Goodmorning philippines!

oodmorning philippines!